HOME Portfolio Evaluations

- 7/1/14 9:00 AM

You Can Support HOME with a HOME Portfolio Evaluation!  Maine law requires homeschoolers who have filed letters of intent to homeschool to submit the results of assessments, annually, to both the local superintendent's office and the Maine Department of Education in Augusta at the end of each school year, no later than September 1.

Throughout the summer months, Homeschoolers of Maine (HOME) provides a convenient method for annual assessment, which fulfills the requirements of our homeschool statute. Portfolio reviews through HOME are easy, inexpensive, and require a minimal amount of preparation for the homeschooling parent! By participating in a portfolio review through HOME, you will also be supporting your state homeschool organization! 

Mail or drop off your completed portfolio to HOME by July 1to take advantage of the pre-registation price. Click HERE for more info!