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Homeschooling in Maine has come a long way over the past 25 years. The legal struggles of the 1980's gave way to rapid growth and general acceptance during the 1990's. Today we enjoy a fair amount of freedom as homeschoolers in our state. Numbers of homeschoolers continue to increase throughout the Maine. Through it all, HOME has worked openly as well as behind the scenes to impact the legislature and raise awareness. In addition, our newsletters, facebook page, website, activities and annual events are just some of the many ways we support and equip the homeschool community.

HOME wants Maine homeschoolers to continue to be successful on into the future.

We believe that HOME's ministry is vital to continued success and the preservation of homeschool freedoms. We want to maintain our presence and continue to minister to the needs of homeschool families. By God's grace, we will provide as many services and as much access to information and resources to encourage and support homeschoolers as we possibly can. We want homeschoolers to maintain the vision for what homeschooling can provide for their families for generations to come.

Please consider joining us in this important work!

As we move forward into the future, your family can help other families simply by making a donation to HOME or by becoming a Founding Family.

A Founding Family supports HOME's ministry with a donation of $100 or more per year. Founding Families receive a current copy of the HOME Digest ($20 value) & 10% off our annual convention! Become a Founding Family with your $100 donation today!

Thank you! Your generosity will ensure that HOME continues to be here in the future to minister to the needs of new and veteran homeschoolers, and as a guardian over parental rights and homeschool freedoms for many years to come.

Top 12 Reasons to Support Your State Homeschool Organization

1. Helps families get started in homeschooling year round
2. Provides telephone counseling to help homeschoolers year round
3. Is a non-profit, 501C-3 ministry-based organization
4. Provides up-to-the minute news and articles of interest via newsletter, mailings, email updates, website, facebook and twitter
5. Maintains a liaison with state elected officials, and constantly works to preserve and protect homeschooling in Maine
6. Maintains a network of HOME Representatives throughout the state to provide help and guidance to new and veteran homeschoolers
7. Conducts many events throughput the year to encourage and equip homeschoolers
8. Conducts portfolio reviews
9. Holds an annual convention
10. Holds an annual used curriculum sale
11. Reinvests all monies earned back into homeschooling in Maine.
12. Has fought the good fight for homeschooling rights for over two decades