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Support HOME with a minimum suggested donation of $10 per year, and receive a HOME Digest

The HOME Digest offers a wide range of articles to encourage and support homeschool families. It also provides information concerning any local and national news items of high priority and interest to homeschoolers, and is a great resource to purchase and keep as a concrete reminder of those upcoming HOME activities scheduled throughout the year that you won't want to miss!

Top 12 Reasons to Support Your State Homeschool Organization

1. Helps families get started in homeschooling year round
2. Provides telephone counseling to help homeschoolers year round
3. Is a non-profit, 501C-3 ministry-based organization
4. Provides up-to-the minute news and articles of interest via newsletter, mailings, email updates, website, facebook and twitter
5. Maintains a liaison with state elected officials, and constantly works to preserve and protect homeschooling in Maine
6. Maintains a network of HOME Representatives throughout the state to provide help and guidance to new and veteran homeschoolers
7. Conducts many events throughput the year to encourage and equip homeschoolers
8. Conducts portfolio reviews
9. Holds an annual convention
10. Holds an annual used curriculum sale
11. Reinvests all monies earned back into homeschooling in Maine.
12. Has fought the good fight for homeschooling rights for over two decades

Complete Form and Mail a Check

To print a form and mail it in with payment, please click here. Make checks payable to:

Homeschoolers of Maine
PO Box 159
Camden, Maine 04843-0159